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GENERAL Microbulk pallet stationary tanks are designed for laser and various cryogenic applications. The main advantage of those tanks is their effectiveness in replacing bundles of high pressure cylinders. A high quality multilayer insulation ensures low evaporation rate. All tanks and their components are cleaned and certified for oxygen service. Stainless steel surfaces of the outer vessel are glass beads blasted and passivated.

MATERIALS,VALVES AND INSTRUMENTS The use of stainless steel for both inner and outer vessel, piping, valves, supports, lifting lugs, instruments, pressure build-up vaporizer and all welded connections guarantee reliability and long life of the equipment. Stainless steel plumbing is pickled and passivated for use in industrial environment or onshore and offshore locations-on request. Each tank is equipped with pressure build-up coil made of aluminum finned tubes with stainless steel core and with product vaporizer made of aluminum finned tubes and elbows. The inner tank is protected against overpressure with dual safety relief valves and outer tank with safety disc. The tanks are made of stainless steel except the model KS-5000 where outer shell and bottom are made of carbon steel. Durable coating of carbon steel parts of the outer tank provides excellent corrosion resistance (refers to the model KS-5000, only).

PALLET A rugged heavy duty zinc-plated pallet, forklift friendly, protects the tank from damages during transport and manipulation.

DESIGN CODE The tanks are designed conforming to PED, EU Directive 2014/68/EU and EN 13458 Code and have Certificate TP TC 032/2013 for Russian Federation (for export to Russian Federation and Customs Union countries. Refer to the Home Page).

Microbulk Stationary Pallet Tanks
Model Operating pressure
Volume 95%
Daily Evaporation Rate [%O2] Product Vaporizer Capacity
[Nm3/h (N2)]
Dimensions W/L/H [mm] Mass [kg] Notes
KS-600-10/24/37-20 10/24/37 619/618/615 2 20 1130/1130/1650 635/645/670 Flow diagram No.1
KS-600-10/24/37-50 10/24/37 619/618/615 2 50 1270/1460/1650 675/710/730
KS-1000-10/24/37-20 10/24/37 949/947/945 <2 20 1130/1130/2150 735/760/840
KS-1000-10/24/37-80 10/24/37 949/947/945 <2 80 1270/1460/2150 790/845/925
KS-1500-19/23/37-60 19/23/37 1534/1520/1518 1,5 60 1650/1765/1985 1550/1590/1630 Flow diagram No.2
KS-2000-19/23/37-80 19/23/37 2055/2040/2034 1 80 1650/1765/2360 1660/1710/1940
KS-3000-19/23/37-120 19/23/37 2750/2735/2718 0,8 120 1650/1765/2875 1840/1950/2225
KS-5000-19/22/34-150 19/22/34 4515/4509/4505 0,6 150 2200/2270/2800 3025/3145/3630

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