Kryooprema, cryogenic, vacuum and processing equipment production company, founded in 1991, has become regional leader in the field of cryogenics. We are specialized in storage, transport and vaporization of cryogenic liquid as well as for custom made cryogenic equipment, repairs and refurbishments. Company certified to ISO 9001; AD 2000 Merkblatt HP0; ISO EN 3834-3; designs and manufactures equipment conforming to PED (CE) and TPED (π) EU Directives as well as conforming to Russian Certificates TP TC 032/2013 and TP TC 010/2011. Design and manufacturing of the equipment in accordance with ASME Code, on request.

Kryooprema is also active in engineering projects such as: cylinder filling plants, cryobiology laboratories, cold converter stations and vacuum systems.

In the field of vacuum equipment and components, Kryooprema designs and manufactures vacuum chambers/vessels and vacuum systems for industrial and scientific applications. The vacuum components, based on ISO-KF; ISO-K and CF standards, also make a part of our production programme.

Recognized for its high quality products, Kryooprema has been selected by scientific community to deliver equipment for special projects such as: Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Switzerland ("A" stainless steel neutron shields supporting frames) and experimental vacuum systems for Institute of Physics, Faculty of Physics in Belgrade and Institute for nuclear sciency, Belgrade.

In accordance with bilateral trade agreement between Russian Federation and Serbia there are no customs duties for the equipment of Serbian origin. It has been recently extended to Belarus and Kazakhstan and by the end of year 2019 Armenia and Azerbaijan will join the same Trade Agreement. It offers to the exporters of Kryooprema’s equipment to the Customs Union markets very important competitive edge.